Mini Cooper John Cooper Works Cabrio 2009 wallpapers

MINIS will reveal convertible of the best fastest quality of the world the small one with the international Motor-show of Geneva on March 3, 2009. MINI work of convertible wet cooper of John will take the stage of center to the event and is on sale with RU from March 28, 2009, evaluated with 23,470 OTR.

By comprising the same modifications of technology of high efficiency as the model of trap door carrying work of wet cooper of John badge, the engine roller-turbocharged of twin of 1.6 liter of convertible produces 211 powers in horses and maximum couple until 280 nanometer with Overboost deployed.

Single with MINI models of work of wet cooper of John is EDLC. The DSC entirely being put not under tension, the electronic ordering of the differential lock of the car provides an experiment even more sporting of drive. EDLC functions when the car accelerates hard out of the corners or the tight curves. In this situation, it electronically slows down the interior wheel of rotation to increase the handle and to make sure that all the power available is transferred to the road by the wheel with greatest traction. Contrary to manner DSC and DTC control the supply of current to the wheels, EDLC does not intervene with the exit of the power of engine, meaning that the driver is in the total order near to the handling of the car.

With the new convertible MINIS falling now the line, several points of operation to the MINI Swindon factory and Oxford were modified. BMW group invested in new stations of assembly for the door with convertible back folding back with the Swindon factory. With the Oxford factory, the bodyshop installed and commissioned all the equipment and infrastructure necessary to meet the quality standards and geometrical exactitude for the convertible body.

The associates in the final assembly transformed all the working areas to integrate the production of new convertible effectively, and now establish the MINI line of the models supplements again on a simple assembly line.

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